*US Patent 7,245,368

Vacu-CellTM Cell Perfusion and Incubation Chambers*

Model VC-LFR Vacu-Cell


C&L introduces the Vacu-CellTM line of perfusion chambers for microscopy and cell incubation. The unique design of the Vacu-CellTM holds a coverslip (or other flat surface) by one side only, forming a perfusion chamber. The Vacu-CellTM design provides several major advantages over microscope cell chambers made by other companies. The advantages of the Vacu-CellTM include:

  • Complete access to the bottom of the chamber, all the way to the edges. This is perfect for oil immersion objectives and through-the-objective TIRF experiments, when access across the entire coverslip is preferred. No holders or retaining rings are in the way of the microscope objective.
  • The chamber is formed directly from one or two coverslips, a Petri dish or a microtitre plate by suction. Just a simple laboratory vacuum does all the work to hold the surface firmly to the chamber body in a water-tight fashion.
  • Several chamber models contain an integrated heating element for precise temperature control. Other chamber styles work with a heated stage adapter.
  • Chambers are formed very quickly, with no fuss. Snaps, screws, retaining rings and fixtures are not required.
  • Many types of chamber configurations are available for both round and rectangular coverslips. Several chambers are designed for open-top incubation. Closed laminar flow chambers are available that use coverslips separated by only 100 microns.


We offer Vacu-CellTM chambers in three different series to suite various incubation, perfusion and microscopy requirements. Several chambers can be used for either standard or inverted microscopes.

Large Window Vacu-Cell Perfusion ChamberFollow these links to pages that describe the various chambers available in these three series, and the accessories used with the chambers.

Shear Stress Experiments

Several of our Vacu-CellTM chambers designs are ideally suited for experiments where application of a controlled shear stress to cells attached to a coverslip surface is desired. Details of how our chambers can be used for shear stress experiments are discussed in an Application Note. Several of our customers have critically evaluated these chambers for use in shear stress experiments and have given us testimonials about their performance. We invite you to read their comments.

Vacuum System

See Custom Specs

Vacuum Pump System (Model VCS-1)

Model VCS-1 Vacuum PumpWe also offer a Vacuum Pump system for use with these perfusion chambers. The pump draws a vacuum of approximately -20 inches Hg and it fitted with a Luer-lock port for easy connectivity to standard tubing systems. The Model VCS-1 vacuum pump assembly is approximately 8.4 (width) x 8.0 (depth) x 5.8 (height) inches in size. Our perfusion chambers also work well with other standard laboratory vacuum supplies.

Pricing Information

Temperature Controller

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Temperature Controller (Models TC-324B & TC-344B)

Model TC-30 Temperature ControllerWe provide a temperature controller designed to regulate the temperature of our Vacu-CellTM chambers. The controller has several features designed for precise, noise-free temperature control.


Download Vacu-Cell Specification SheetsDownload our complete Vacu-CellTM product line specification literature (PDF format). A current price list is also available.