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Welome to Bio Excellence® international Tech Co.,Ltd.
- The leading total solution supplier in the life science community.

Our scope of business can be categorized into two main areas:
(a) the distribution of full range molecular and cell biology instrumentation, reagents, and consumables and (b) the consultation services on research projects and experimental techniques. Since the establishment of Bio Excellence®, we have successfully acquired distributorships in China and Hong Kong from a number of world-class manufacturers, such as Flexcell, flocel,tissue growth, SKE ,Aurora scientific, Rszelltechnik, cellix, lumicks,aresis, regenhu, Cellink,Billups-Rothenberg, Inc, Celltool, embitec,orflo,cellexus, who are famous for their superb quality and state-of-the-art technology in the biotechnology industry. Since more than 10 years, Bio Excellence® international Tech Co.,Ltd. has provided analytic instruments, laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables for our customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, laboratories of universities, hospitals, IVF, research institutions and government agencies, as well as industries of food, petrochemistry, electron, environmental protection and material in China market.

The head office of Bio Excellence® is in BeiJing. By far, we have set up twenty-two branches over the country which is located in mainly cities in China. Enjoying high prestige for the competency of the sales staff, the perfect organization of the company and the comprehensive network of our customers, we provide our clients not only high quality instruments but also satisfactory after-sales service. In possession of the strong sales divisions, we also established Technical Support Division, Engineer Service Division, and Customer Service Division, all of which are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

In 15 years, our company grew in strength through arduous pioneering efforts. In order for convenient contact for business,our company has set up the branch offices in BeiJing,ShangHai,GuangZhou,Chengdu,Xi'an,HongKong, Zhengzhou,HaErBin end etc.

Corporate operating purposes: For science and technology, manage with diligent care, to be the best partner for customers.
In recent years, we has been actively involved in the technical cooperation with scientific research institutions and medical units, and achieved good results.With the development of our company, we are committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners-- the leaders in their elds -- to deliver the products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere.

we have local knowledge and wide connections, and we have a group of well trained salesman,Which our rich experience in marketing your products in China. We are an established bio-research products distributing company located in the capital city, Known as Beijing, experienced in the China mainland market. We have a big network with research institutions and universities cross the country. Our distributing companys as follow.
·  Close connections with more than 1300 domestic research institutions, hospitals & universities.
·  Direct Selling & Distributions ·  Branck Offices in 16 cities, headquartered in Beijing