new era pump systems, inc.

(Model: Dual-NE-1000X)

The Next Generation

Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump System 

Eliminates Flow Rate Pauses & Drop-Offs!

Eliminates the problem of flow rate drop-off found in "Push-Pull" syringe pumps. In these "Push-Pull" systems, one pump is refilling while the other infuses and then they switch directions. That switch of directions causes a pause or drop in flow. The Continuous NE-1000X's continuous pumping mode eliminates the flow rate drop offs and pauses.

How it Works:

Refilling pump refills the syringe at a faster rate than the infusing

pump, giving it time to prime the syringe.

Refilling pump pauses and waits for the infusing pump to empty.

When the pumps switch directions, the refilled pump is primed

and starts infusing at the set rate immediately.


Two NE-1000X Family of Syringe Pumps connected together via

a Dual Pump Sync Cable.

Continuous Pumping Mode provides a precise continuous flow

without any drop-offs of pauses.

Programmable infusion, refill and prime rates and syringe overlap and prime volumes.

Flexibility for the pumps to perform either continuous flow, emulsification, or independently at any time.

NE-1000X Family of Syringe Pumps Features 

·Built for Automation
·Operates stand-alone or from a computer
·Infuses and withdraws
·Applications range from simple infusions to complex pumping programs
·Programmable preset protocols
·Program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping
rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and
respond to external signals, sound the buzzer
·RS-232 and TTL logic control interfaces
·Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with onecomputer
·Gradient ramping of flow rates
·Worldwide power supplies available
·Motor stall detection
·Non-volatile memory of all parameters and programming
·Upgradeable to 340 pumping phases program memory withthe X2 Upgrade
·Dispensing accuracy of +/-1%
·Unlimited lifetime technical support
·Two year warranty

·Plus many, many more features

Dual Pump Plumbing Kit - Model: P-DKIT 

·For use with our continuous infusion system or dual infusion system.
·Provides a dual check valve for two syringes, withdraw
will pull fluid from a reservoir and infusion will output into
a separate line.
·The kit is pre-assembled, all you need to do is plug in the
·Each dual check valve uses 6" of 1/8" tubing to connect
to a Y connector, one for reservoir and one for output;
each Y-connector has 5' of tubing to make connections to
your application.
·Two 60cc Terumo syringes are included.
·Individual parts are also available.