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Syringe Heater Kit -

Model: HEATER-KIT-1LG   


Description for HEATER-KIT-1LG:

Heating device for syringes that requires temperature-controlled dispensing. Heats up to 185°C.

Compatibility Notes: 

·Please contact us at 631-249-1392 or info@syringepump.com about pump compatibility when heating syringes above 100°C. Customization may be required.

·If you are in a country where the voltage is above 120V, you must purchase a step-down transformer with the Heater Kit.

·Digitally set the heater set point

·Temperature sensor in heating pad

·Set point and other parameters retained in memory

·Controller will heat the syringe and hold the set temperature using an on/off or Thermo-kinetic control algorithm.

·Multiple syringe heater pads can be attached to the control unit, under restricted conditions.

·Heated syringe can be mounted on a syringe pump. Please call 631-249-1392 for compatibility.

·Dual temperature sensors in primary heating pad.

·Heater Kit includes Control-Unit power cable and Primary-Syringe-Heater-Pad. 

Description for HEATER-PAD2-1LG:

For attaching a second heating pad to HEATER-KIT-1LG. Temperature is sensed in primary heating pad only.
Compatibility Notes: 

·Heater pad measures 75 mm x 75 mm
·Each syringe heater control unit uses only the primary heating pad to sense temperature. All secondary heater pads connected to that control unit function according to temperature at the primary heater pad. Careful consideration should be
taken when using secondary/slave heater pads. For different temperatures or variable environments, use separate control
units with primary heater pads.
·Plugging more than 12 Syringe-Heater-Pads onto one Controller is not recommended

Description for HEATER-PAD3-1LG:
·For attaching additional, up to 12 total, heating pads to HEATER-KIT-1LG
·Temperature sensed in primary heating pad only