PermeGear In-Line Cells ,PermeGear在线自动透皮扩散系统

型号:In-Line Cells

In-Line Cells

PermeGear的在线自动透皮扩散系统合并了可多达12个单元为一个在线的全自动单元,一个供应调速蠕动泵,一个连续收集器,一个恒温水浴循环加热单元,一个自动控制器组成了一个功能强大的渗透现象分析系统,可以分析大批量的样品以节省时间。我们的自动控制器允许用户收集16个样品并能在连续99.9小时内同时做在线自动分析。每一个样品的时间可以通过收集器进行独立的程序设定。可根据用户的选择确定收集瓶的数量。我们提供20ml 28mm直径的收集瓶,允许用户选择使用其它常用的4ml WISP管。因为每个用户的不同需求,收集瓶不完全由PermeGear 公司提供。

H1C Stirrer with the Twin-Flow Conversion Adapter and two In-Line Cells

Cross-sectional view of an In-Line Cell with HPLC fittings and sections of inlet and outlet tubing included.

Exploded view of an In-Line Cell.

In-Line Cell with a donor chamber having threads for a septum and cap. These cells may be used when the donor chamber needs to be occluded but may also be used without the septum and cap.

In-Line Cell

PermeGear In-Line Cells may be thought of as a flow type Franz Cell with a very small receptor volume. In-Line Cells locate the membrane of interest in the horizontal plane and have donor chambers open to the air although occluded donor chambers are available.

In-Line Cells are flow cells available in orifice diameters from 5mm to 15mm which were designed to replace the Bronaugh Cell. They are made from the plastic Kel-F which is the 3M product or Neoflon which is the Daikin product. (This material can be purchased from the Plastic Profiles division of Central Plastics.) In-Line Cells have a unique clamping system which features user preset, repeatable, secure clamping of tissue or membranes. Clamping is achieved with a stainless steel spring that applies pressure preset by the user to the upper surface of the donor compartment for leakproof clamping. The cell design locates the orifice diameters within .1mm of each other. HPLC connectors are used to connect the cells to 1/16 ID tubing. Stirring effects within the cells are easily checked with our unique Twin-Flow Conversion System.

Ordering Information

Series I In-Line Cells and Components – “xx” denotes orifice diameter.

  • #1K001-XX In-Line Cell 5mm-12mm
  • #1K001-XX-VD In-Line Cell w volatile compound donor chamber
  • #1KM01-XX In-Line Cell 5mm-12mm with interchangeable membrane support
  • #1KMM1-XX Squier In-Line Mucosal Cell
  • #1K201-XX Dual-Flow In-Line Cell 5mm-12mm


Series I In-line Cell Extra Components – “xx” denotes orifice diameter.

  • #1K012-XX Membrane Support
  • #1K015-XX Donor Chamber
  • #1K016-XX Donor Chamber Cap
  • #1KS02-XX Volatile Compound Donor Chamber

Typical Dimensions

In-Line Cells are available in any orifice diameter from 5mm to 15mm.  The most common sizes are 5mm, 9mm, and 11.28mm.  Standard In-Line Cells are supplied with open donor chambers which are 14mm high.  In-Line Cells are also available with volatile donor chambers that have septum caps.  The volatile donor chamber height not including the septum or the cap is 26mm.  The septum caps are the same on all In-Line Cells and the inner diameter at the top of all volatile donor chambers is 9mm.  The orifice diameter at the clamping surface adjacent to the membrane is the same as the In-Line Cell body supplied with the volatile donor chamber.